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Veteran Socialist leader and parliamentarian Shri Mani Ram Bagri, passed away today

 mani ram bagri

Mani Ram Bagri

Veteran Socialist leader, prominent politician and parliamentarian Shri Mani Ram Bagri, passed on 31st January 2012, at his native place Hisar (Haryana), he was 93.Shri Mani Ram Bagri was born at Ban Mandori, Hissar District, on January 1, 1920, he participated in the National movement at very young age and joined Socialist movement led by Acharya Narendra Deva, Jayaprakash Narayan and Dr Rammanohar Lohia. Mr. Bagri was a subject of various folklores in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.  He was elected to the Punjab Legislative Assembly, and was member during 1953-55.He represented Hissar and Mathura constituencies in the Parliament. A three time Parliamentarian, he was part of the 3rd Lok Sabha (1962-1967) as a Socialist member from Hissar (then part of Punjab state), the 6th Lok Sabha (1977-1979) as a Janata party member from Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) and the 7th Lok Sabha (1980-1984) as a Janata (S) member again from Hissar (Haryana).


He was leader of the Socialist Parliamentary party during 1962-67, when Dr Rammanohar Lohia entered the Lok Sabha from a bye-election from Farukhabad. Shri Mani Ram Bagri participated in various socialist movements and jailed.


Renowned as an orator par-excellence Mr. Bagri is famous for his wit and depth of understanding. Having risen from a very poor family Mr. Bagri spent most of his life fighting for the underprivileged of the Indian Society. A close associates of late Dr Lohia and Shri Rajnarain, he was also detained during Emergency under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act. (MISA).Shri Mani Ram Bagri was General Secretary of the All India Samyukta Socialist Party (Lohiavadi) during 1972-74, and alter on Janata Party(S).

Shri Mani Ram Bagri was married to Smt. Dhani Devi, on January 1, 1940, and had two sons and three daughters.

His eldest son Subhash Bagri can be contacted on this number 01662-231002 and 08996962222. Postal Address: Ward No. 5, Hissar, Haryana.


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