An Appeal to Dissenters by Mastram Kapoor



 Mastram Kapoor


Dear friends,

All are in politics with a dream to serve the people. This naturally entitles them to aspire for power since it is only political power with which major changes in society have taken place or can take place. The struggle for political power naturally involves dethroning the ruling party in election. To aspire for power is not, therefore, something to be ashamed of in a democracy. In Dr. Lohia’s words, “to want to become the opposition when the substance of the people and of all mankind is being eaten away, is ugly if not sinful…… To warm up the temper of the people so that they become the makers of their destiny rather than suffer to be its tools, is a high duty of the democratic action.”

            The present situation demands a concerted effort from all those who have suffered the pangs of the caste-ridden society and also those who had aspired and strived for a casteless, democratic and socialist society, to remove the vestiges of the caste-system from the power, which they have monopolized for the last about six decades.

            During these six decades, these vestiges of the caste-system have only toyed with our Constitution to promote their own interests instead of trying to solve the basic problems of our society and country. For example, the country is still suffering under the hidden slavery with almost the same imperial setup of administration, laws, bureaucracy, judiciary, education (with a foreign language as its medium); the same utter disdain for the poor and the underprivileged; same style of imperial functioning; same love for luxury and extravaganza.

            While our freedom struggle aimed at wiping out tears from every eye, providing a decent standard of life for all, education to all children and employment to every working hand, we got after six decades the emaciation of our masses and fattening of rich classes along with shameless corruption.

The emergence of the two nations, rich and the poor, with planned promotion of the one and annihilation of the other, justifying Darwin’s doctrine of survival of the fittest, is the only achievement of the Congress and the BJP which have most of the time wielded power during the last six decades. Both these parties have defended caste-system by opposing Kalelkar and Mandal reports, by refusing to hold caste-census and to reduce about 6000 castes into four categories of SCs, STs, OBCs, and Others and bring about approximate equality between them as envisaged in our Constitution. Both have resorted to naked communalism and genocide, one in 1984 in Delhi and the other in 2002 in Gujarat and indulged in Temple movement in order to consolidate their upper caste Hindu vote-bank. Both have prostrated themselves before foreign economic powers and USA in the matter of domestic economic policies and foreign policy. Both have cooperated in all important matters like nuclear treaty, globalization, privatization etc. and engaged in shadow-boxing in Parliament to hoodwink the people. And yet it is we who have jostled against each other to support and help either of them to form governments and perpetuate the upper caste rule over 80 percent of population. Is it not unfortunate?

            It is true, we have our differences and also clash of interests. But why can’t we join together, at least on some common programmes like:

(1) Diverting the economic policy towards the poor and disadvantaged to achieve decent standard of life for all;

(2) Harnessing social policies to achieve social equality and end caste-exploitation;

(3) Adopt people’s languages for education, mutual relations and all business relating to people; and above all to

(4) Acquire power to end the perpetual slavery of the upper castes?

            Please think, converse and try to bring together all non-Congress, non-BJP forces to form a joint political front to bring about a revolution which has been arrested during the last six decades. The people of this country have already rejected the Congress and the BJP. Each of the two singly gets less than 25% votes in the general election. Even if they join together, they cannot form a government at the centre without the help of stray votes. Does it not mean that all those parties who had been extending their support, solicited or unsolicited, to the alliances hatched by the Congress or the BJP, are in fact betraying people’s verdict? That, such support is given in the name of ‘Janadesh’ (peoples’ verdict) while the real ‘Janadesh’ is for a government of the non-Congress and non-BJP Front, is nothing but tragic.                                                                      


Mastram Kapoor was born on 22 December, 1926 in Himachal Pradesh. He is a freelance writer and journalist in Hindi, having written, edited and translated more than 100 books and pamphlets on literature, social and political thought, education and children’s literature including 11 volumes of documents on freedom movement and 17 volumes of collected works of Dr. Lohia. He has a long association with the socialist movement. His special interest of study: Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Rammanohar Lohia, Jaiprakash

Narayan, Acharya Narender Dev, Madhu Limaye and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

He may be contacted at: 79-B, Pocket-III, Mayur Vihar Phase-I, Delhi-91

Phone- 22710479, 



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